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Tune My Guitar Bundle - Tuner + Instructions Video

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Product Details

Guitar Tuner + Tune My Guitar Method Vid Series

To sound good, your guitar must be in tune! Simple!

You need to tune your guitar before you play, everytime!

Guitar Tuning Pegs can get knocked, the temperature of the room can effect the tuning of the guitar and knock it out!

There is no point in spending time, effort and commitment to learn how to lay guitar, if you do not know how to tune your guitar!

What do you get?

  1. A Clip on Guitar Tuner
  2. Tune My Guitar Method Video Guide
    • Tuning your Guitar with a Tuner
    • Tuning your Guitar with a Tuner App
    • Tuning your guitar by Ear (Part 1)
    • Tuning your guitar by Ear (Part 2)
      • Relative Tuning Expained
    • BONUS The FREE Tuner app I cannot live without
  3. A Free Gift
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Edel Johnston