Geetar Box {Guitarist's Gift Box🎸} - Be a Guitar Gift Superstar!

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This is the perfect gift for the Guitarist in your life this stunning Guitar Gift Box!

The Geetar Box busts the stress away buying a gift for your guitar playing loved one or friend!

You will be a Guitar Gift Superstar - the coolest present buyer in the world for your guitar playing loved one!

I love Guitars and Guitar Stuff but I know it's impossible for people to buy guitar stuff for me:

- I'm fussy

- There's too much to choice!

- Most of it is really expensive!

I know it's a complete nightmare for my wife - she avoids guitar stuff because she doesn't know what to get me!

I've got the solution right below!

The Geetar Box is a toolkit, novelty box and a guitar learning resource all-in-one!

You are getting a some cool guitar gadgets, novelty bits, guitar essentials (spare strings and a guitar tuner - who doesn't always need these!)

Scan & Learn - I have put together some cool video lessons to help you use the stuff in the Geetar Box:

- How to use a tuner
- Simply the best way to hold your pick
- How to use this guitar cleaner wonder tool!
- Stamp your way to guitar chord heaven!
- My Guitar fretboard sat nav system!
- The guitar scale ALL the rock gods use!

- Learn this absolute classic rock riff!

Scan the QR code (QR code card will be in the Geetar Box) with your phone camera app and 💥BANG💥...straight through to the online guitar goodies - See Video Below!

🎉There's more🎉

You get free access to my Private Facebook Group - Guitar Question and a weekly guitar related email.

It's True!

This is a guitar present and a half! (if I got it I would be over the moon myself))

What's in the Geetar Box?

8 Guitar Essentials, Accessories, Tools, Novelty Fun Items

Guitar Essentials / Accessories to include*

- spare strings

- guitar picks

- pick holders

- Guitar Cleaner Tool

- Guitar Tuner

- Guitar Capo

- Chord Stamp

- Guitar Keyring / Bottle Opener

- Various fun Guitar Bits


It's not just the super duper Guitar stuff but it's the cool ONLINE video tips and lessons!

You get a glimpse into my guitar world of helping guitar students all over the world!

There will be a Scan and Learn Card in the Geetar Box that gives you access to the exclusive Online lessons, tips and bonuses.

All you do is Scan the QR code with your phone camera and your straight through!

*There will be exclusive, unique surprises waiting inside the Geetar box!


ROI - £4 delivery charge

Watch The Geetar Box Unboxing!

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