The Essential Guitar ReStringer Set

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What do you the get?

  • New set of Guitar Strings (choose Electric or Acoustic)
  • A Guitar String Winder
  • A Guitar String Cleaner tool
  • A Guitar Pick Holder
  • 3 spare Guitar Picks

Guitar Strings

Make: Harley Benton

Gauge: 0,012" – 0,053"

Material: Bronze

The strings sound superb - just enough bright, vibrant and warm!

Do the blindfold test! They won't sound like "value" strings in comparison to some big name brands!

Guitar String Winder

Restring your guitar at lightning speed with this stringwinder

Guitar Cleaner Tool

The Guitar String Cleaner Tool keeps your guitar strings clean and increases their lifespan.

Portable and easy to use. Lightweight and practical.

Guitar Pick Holder

This cool, little guitar pick holder attaches to the strings at the head of your guitar.

Easy access- Secure on your guitar!

Guitar Picks

3 Black Nylon Guitar picks styled on a guitar pick classic!


- How to clean your guitar using natures most basic gift!

- How to string your guitar!

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